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3rd Edition of Euro-Global Conference on Biotechnology and Bioengineering

June 14-15 | Hybrid Event

June 14-15, 2023 | Rome, Italy
ECBB 2022

Deepak Kumar

Deepak Kumar, Speaker at Biotechnology congress 2022
Department of Experimental Medicine and Biotechnology, Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, India
Title: Pseudoesterase Activity of Human Serum Albumin


Albumin is a plasma protein that maintains the oncotic pressure of the blood. It also acts as a carrier of lipophilic biomolecules like bilirubin. Recent research highlights that serum albumin exhibits various enzymatic functions apart from the aforementioned properties. Namely, albumin possesses RNA hydrolyzing activity, enolase activity, acrylamidase activity, beta-lactamase activity, peroxidase activity, acetoacetate decarboxylase activity. There is considerable current interest regarding the pseudoesterase activity of human serum albumin, particularly in albumin estimation. However, very little is discussed in the scientific literature regarding the physiological relevance of the albumin's pseudoesterase activity (and the other enzymatic activities). In my talk, I shall focus on the issue mentioned above and discuss the role of the enzymatic function of albumin in health and diseases. 


Deepak Kumar has done his PhD degree working under the supervision of Prof Dibyajyoti Banerjee in 2021 from PGIMER, Chandigarh, India. The title of his PhD work is “Development of a novel strategy for rapid detection of human serum albumin pseudoesterase activity – A step towards a novel point of care screening for microalbuminuria”. He is currently working as Junior Demonstrator in the Department of Experimental Medicine and Biotechnology, PGIMER, Chandigarh and teaching postgraduate students. Besides, he is also working to understand the effect of post-translational modification of the enzymatic activity of HAS and other relevant enzymes.