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4th Edition of Euro-Global Conference on Biotechnology and Bioengineering

September 19-21 | Hybrid Event

September 19-21, 2024 | Germany



Biopharming is the process of producing (or 'farming') medicinal compounds for therapeutic use using transgenic plants or animals. This entails putting target genes into hosts (crops or animals) that would not usually express them. The desired component may be expressed in a form that may be harvested on a regular basis (e.g., milk, eggs, fruits, etc.). The use of crops for bio-production of a recombinant protein (i.e., enzyme or antibody) or a system that includes bioreactors in vitro is referred to as biopharming. In comparison to industrial expenses, this approach provides great economic and health benefits, aided by new biotechnology methods that are improving. Plant biopharming is described as the cultivation of transgenic plants that have been genetically modified to produce "humanised" medicinal compounds for human use. "Molecular farming" is another term for biopharming. Corn, soybeans, rice, tobacco, and potatoes engineered to generate a material, usually a protein, vaccines, in their fruit, leaves, seeds, or tubers, are the most popular plants now being investigated for biopharming.

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Speaker at Biotechnology and Bioengineering 2024 - AC Matin

AC Matin

Stanford University School of Medicine, United States

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