HYBRID EVENT: You can participate in person at Rome, Italy or Virtually from your home or work.

3rd Edition of Euro-Global Conference on Biotechnology and Bioengineering

June 14-15 | Hybrid Event

June 14-15, 2023 | Rome, Italy

Delivery of Genes, Drugs, or Cells

Delivery of Genes, Drugs, or Cells

Gene delivery systems are vital for treating human genetic conditions with gene therapy. Gene therapy is a one-of-a-kind method of curing any ailment by using an adaptable gene. Gene therapy is a promising treatment option for a variety of diseases, including hereditary disorders, viral infections, and cancer. The effective effects of gene delivery systems are dependent on the ability to target gene delivery systems in a variety of ways. For the practical use of gene therapy, certain viable gene delivery techniques have recently been reported. Various disorders induced by environmental chemical poisons, bacterial infections, viral invasions, malignant tumours, and endogenous genetic abnormalities are treated by drug and gene delivery systems. Although the majority of contemporary gene delivery technologies are based on mammalian viruses or synthetic materials meant to mimic virus gene delivery features, different biological systems can still be used as gene delivery vectors.

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