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September 19-21, 2024 | Rome, Italy
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Biohydrogen production from rice water using bacteria isolated from wetland sediment

Jerry John T M, Speaker at Biotechnology Conferences
College, India
Title: Biohydrogen production from rice water using bacteria isolated from wetland sediment


Hydrogen is the most essential gas that can be used for many purposes. During the production of hydrogen using raw materials like Soil and leftover cooked rice water (kanjivellam) the major by-product formed is water. Soil is collected from three different places in kottayam district, Kallara, Meenachilar, and Athirampuzha. Collected samples are mixed with rice water and tested for the traces of hydrogen using bio hydrogen sensor after 72 hours. Result was the presence of hydrogen in all the 3 samples. After streaking, PCR, Gel electrophoresis detected the bacteria which produced the hydrogen. RGCB Thiruvananthapuram conducted the sequencing of the PCR resultant. And identified the bacterial strains. Five variants of Bacillus bacteria mentioned below are identified and successfully registered in NCBI Gen bank. These Bacillus bacteria are major type of Rhizobacteria that can form spores and can survive in the soil for long time period under harsh environmental conditions. And also the plant growth is enhanced by PGPR (Plant growth promoting rhizobacteria) through the induction of systemic resistance, antibiosis, and competitive omission.The molecular sequencing were submitted in the NCBI Gen Bank and the accession numbers were allotted for the bacterial cultures. They are:
1. Bacillus cereus strain JTM GenBank: OP278839.1  
2. Bacillus toyonensis strain JTM2  GenBank: OP278841.1
3. Bacillus anthracis strain JTM_SR2989-3-R_H08  GenBank: OP278960.1  
4. Bacillus thuringiensis strain JRY1  GenBank: OP278976.1
5. Bacillus anthracis strain JTM_SR2989-3-F_H07 GenBank: OP278959.1 


Jerry John T M from India