3rd Edition of Euro-Global Conference on Biotechnology and Bioengineering

June 14-15 | Online Event

June 14-15, 2023 | Online Event
ECBB 2023


Arunim, Speaker at Biotechnology Conference
Banasthali Vidyapith, India
Title: Biopolymers based hydrogel: A new emerging Era for diabetic wound healing


A diabetic foot ulcer (DFU) is an open sore or wound that typically develops on the bottom of the foot and affects 15% of people with diabetes. The main vehicle for the development of ulcers in the diabetic population is poor circulation and peripheral neuropathy. This chronic injury frequently leads to non-traumatic lower leg. Hydrogels are a three-dimensional network that can be fabricated from natural polymers and synthetic polymers. Biopolymers are flexible, elastic, or fibrous materials that come from a natural source, such as plants, animals, bacteria, or other living things. Some of the naturally occurring polymers that are frequently employed in wound dressing applications include polysaccharides and proteins. These polymers can be employed for many therapeutic applications because of their inherent biocompatibility, low immunogenicity, non-toxicity, and biodegradability. They represent a flexible and tunable platform for enhancing skin healing. Therefore, this review interprets how biopolymers and their various hydrogel-based forms can be potentially used for diabetic wound healing.

Audience Take Away Notes :

  • When the audience learns about biopolymers based hydrogel, they can use their knowledge in the following ways:-
  •  i) Material Selection: Understanding biopolymers and their properties allows the audience to make informed choices when selecting materials for hydrogel applications,
  •  ii) Hydrogel Formulation: They can learn about crosslinking methods, such as physical or chemical crosslinking, and understand how to optimize the gelation process to achieve desired properties like gel strength, swelling behavior, and drug release kinetics.
  • They will learn about importance of biopolymers based hydrogel and actively participate in biomedical applications, drug delivery systems, scaffold design, environmental applications, and contribute to research and innovation in this exciting field.
  • It can also benefit the audience in their job in several ways, depending on their specific industry or profession like this knowledge can support the development of innovative products, materials, or technologies in areas such as tissue engineering, drug delivery, wound healing, and environmental applications. 
  • It provides a foundation for designing experiments, conducting studies, and advancing scientific knowledge in the field. 
  • Biomedical engineers and scientists can leverage their knowledge of biopolymers based hydrogel to design and develop advanced biomedical devices, drug delivery systems, and tissue engineering scaffolds. 
  • Knowledge of biopolymers based hydrogel can be valuable for healthcare professionals, such as physicians, surgeons, and wound care specialists. They can stay informed about the latest advancements in wound healing technologies and treatment modalities, including the use of hydrogels. Understanding the properties and applications of hydrogels can help them make informed decisions regarding wound dressings, tissue regeneration, and drug delivery systems to optimize patient care


Ms. Arunim studies Biotechnology at Banasthali Vidyapith, India and graduated as MS in 2022. Right now pursuing PhD in Biotechnology from same university and research field is on Diabetic wound healing. Ms. Arunim has won a Best Ideation Award in 2023 at Jaipur Nation University, India.