3rd Edition of Euro-Global Conference on Biotechnology and Bioengineering

June 14-15 | Online Event

June 14-15, 2023 | Online Event
ECBB 2023

Yacob Mathai

Yacob Mathai, Speaker at Bioengineering Conferences
Marma Health Centre, India
Title: The definition, diagnosis and treatment of fever are against modern science in the world today! Why?


There is no uniform definition, test, or treatment for fever alone. Today, the diagnosis and treatment of fever are similar to the diagnosis and treatment of its opposite, destructive hyperthermia.The essence of today's fever treatment is fever can be cured by using fever-creating substances. Medical text books state that  “Our understanding of the neural basis of thermoregulation and fever is still rudimentry. The role of fever in the defence reaction is not clear 1, ‘fever’, and ‘hyperthermia’, they are not yet universally defined. and  there is no agreed definition of fever2. Researchers found, even a single dose of paracetamol can reduce the body`s levels of glutathione3. It will  increases  inflammation . So `paracetamol may cause Fever,  neutropenia, thrombocytopenia1, Paracetamol , a familiar drug with an unexplained mechanism of action4. Use of antipyretics might prolong infection, and that in severe infection the use of antipyretics might increase mortality5. The current diagnosis, and treatment of fever are based on the belief that a fever temperature between 100.4oF to 107oF is harmful to the brain and body.1.The current definition of fever is against modern science.The current definition of fever is usually only a elevated  body temperature above  100.4oF (38°C). In many medical books, we can see different types of fever definitions5,6.It is against modern science to give different definitions for one thing (fever). An elevated core body temperature of more than 38.0°C is not a scientific definition. Elevating the temperature is an action like walking and sitting. A single criterion for a definition is not found in the current definition of fever.The definition of fever does not even say why the temperature is elevated. Because it is not known what the temperature of the fever is, modern science has not investigated what our immune system does with the heat energy of fever.Fever has many components. The temperature of fever or  elevated temperature is only one of them. The definition of fever does not include anything that occurs only when there is a fever. The definition of fever is the basis of fever. If the definition of fever is wrong, the diagnosis and treatment based on it will be wrong.In modern science, no one can make a true definition, diagnosis, or treatment of fever without knowing the basics of fever. If made, it would be fundamentally against modern science.The seriousness and danger of the definition of fever is recognized when the diagnosis and treatment of fever is not based on the current definition of fever. Today, Fever is not tested according to the definition of fever.Fever is not determined by checking whether the temperature is elevated in the hypothalamus of the brain. The thermal control line and temperature set point on this line cannot be verified and identified with existing equipment. The essence of today's fever treatment is fever can be cured by using fever-creating substances. Lowering body temperature with water, cold substances and  paracetamol can cause fever and hypothermia. No science or technology exists anywhere in the world that claims to cure fever with fever-causing substances. A claim to cure fever by using fever-creating substances is not called a  treatment. It  is a murderous attempt.If questions are asked assuming the current definition, diagnosis, and treatment of fever are correct, no question about fever will be answered.Conservative  fever definition,  diagnoses and treatment  are against modern science. It has no relation with what is happened in fever. The basic elements necessary for a scientific definition,  diagnoses and treatment  are not provided in conservative fever definition, diagnoses and treatment. It  should be revised according to what is happening in fever. A new fever definition, diagnosis, and treatment have been created according to modern science without any room for doubts and complaints


A practicing physician in the field of healthcare in the state of Kerala in India for the last 35 years and very much interested in basic research. My interest is spread across the fever, inflammation and back pain. I am a writer. I already printed and published Ten books on these subjects. I wrote hundreds of articles in various magazines.After scientific studies, we have developed 8000 affirmative cross checking questions. It  can explain all queries related to fever.